YAPS Animal Refuge rescue abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats in Cairns area, Far North Queensland. Our refuge animals stay with us and are lovingly cared for until their ‘forever families’ come along to adopt them.  Some end up living out their days with us as permanent guests.

YAPS also provide a dog and cattery boarding service – the biggest and best in the region!

All our facilities run so successfully because of the huge hearts and hard work of our dedicated staff, volunteers, supporters and members.


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Due to the current situation we have cut our hours of operation and our phones are not always manned.
Please leave a message or  send an email to pets@yaps.org.au 

We are still OPEN for boarding for both dogs and cats, there is an online boarding form on our website www.yaps.org.au or you can leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

 Dog Boarding 233-239 McGregor Rd Smithfield ph 40576373

  Cat Boarding 167 McCoombe St Cairns ph 40541041

If you would like to meet any of the dogs and cats on foster please email your details to pets@yaps.org.au and we will arrange this

Our Cat Adoption Centre in McCoombe St Cairns is open each Saturday from Noon to 2 pm or other times by appointment 
(The Boarding Cattery is still operating)

Thank you for your understanding 

These 2 beautiful scared kittens came into Yaps care and are now out of foster.
After what they have been thru they so rely on each other so when the time comes for their adoption we are seriously going to be looking for someone to adopt them together
Here is a word from their foster carer…
Pickle and Nickle came to us one week ago.
They are two special little cats with a big journey ahead of them.
To understand Pickle and Nickle, you need to know their story.
We don’t know much about where they were born, or who their Mumma was.
We don’t know how or where they spent the first month of their lives… if they lived on the streets or if they lived with humans.
What we do know, is that at approximately 5 weeks of age, they were picked up by two humans and thrown…. that’s right, thrown… through the doors of a local second-hand store.
After being thrown into the store, these two kittens did the only thing that made sense… they ran and hid. Somehow the store’s staff managed to find them and catch them. And that is how they became known to YAPS.
YAPS took them into care, and checked them over… amazingly, they were not injured. However they were too traumatised to stay in a shelter. They cowered and hissed whenever the staff tried to interact with them. It was clear they needed extra attention and special care.
Enter my family. We picked the kittens up from YAPS and brought them home. They have a special enclosure where they can see and hear our busy family as we go about our lives. They have a safe place to hide within their enclosure. They have access to good food and fresh water always.
They are strong, healthy, resilient little kittens. Their coats are thick and glossy. They are eating well and gaining weight fast. They are very clean and use their litter tray well. They are very easy to take care of.
However, it is going to be a slow road to building trust with them. They are on high alert always… never quite sure what a human might do. We are making sure they have as many positive interactions with us as possible… we talk to them whenever we walk past and sit beside them whenever we can. We take extra time when we give them their milk and wet food twice a day. We want them to associate human voices and human presence with positive experiences. We see small signs that they are starting to relax… sometimes they don’t hide when we walk past. When we sit beside them and talk to them, their curiosity is starting to get the better of them and they poke their heads out to listen and watch us.
We can pick them up… initially they hiss, but they don’t bite and scratch. We can cuddle them… their bodies go floppy and they tolerate being held. But they don’t purr, and they don’t make eye contact. Yet. We will keep trying, as long as it takes.
They are very dependent on each other, and stick close together always. I think they will always need to be together. We believe the right home is out there for them. They are not your standard rescue kittens… they are a bit different and they need someone who knows their story and is willing to give them space and time. If you would like to meet them, we would like to meet you, please email pets@yaps.org.au