About Us

The Young Animal Protection Society Inc. is a non-profit organisation that cares for homeless and unwanted dogs and cats. The overall goal of the organisation is to provide an animal welfare service aiming at excellence to Cairns and the surrounding district. YAPS is one of very few animal refuges in the area providing this service to the community.

The refuge started at its current location – 233-239 McGregor Road, Smithfield – in 1985, and has gradually increased in size as volunteer power, financial support and donations of building materials became available to us. 
This location is now strictly dogs for adoption and dog boarding
Phone 40576373  Email yapssmithfield@gmail.com

Cat adoptions and boarding are located at 167 McCoombe St Cairns.
CAT BOARDING 40541041 EMAIL: yapscat@bigpond.com
CAT ADOPTIONS M 0408374411 EMAIL: pets@yaps.org.au

Animals come to YAPS from various avenues. Animals found wandering the streets are brought to us by the council’s Animal Control department, or by members of the public. Sometimes it is a person’s living or personal circumstances that have changed and they can no longer keep their pets, so they voluntarily surrender them to YAPS. We endeavour to provide the essential care these animals so often desperately need, and commit to re-homing them, healthy, desexed and microchipped, into appropriate, secure and loving homes.


YAPS is run by a Volunteer Management Committee, 17 staff members and a caretaker. In addition, we are very fortunate to be helped by numerous generous volunteers, and without these dedicated groups of people we would be struggling in our mission to care for all the animals.